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Councilman Ron Brinson    October 14, 2017

 A reminder that Charleston County traffic engineers and planners will brief the public on Palmetto Commerce Parkway projects Tuesday, October 17 - 6 – 8 p.m.-  at Northside Baptist Church, 7800 Northside Drive, North Charleston. The focus of this forum will be the planned new Interstate 26 interchange.  Excerpted from the county’s meeting notice:  “The purpose of the proposed project is to improve mobility and reduce travel times for both the existing and future conditions in a rapidly developing area of Charleston County generally bounded by I-26 to the east, University Boulevard (US Highway 78) and Ladson Road to the north, Palmetto Commerce Parkway and adjacent land to the west, and Ashley Phosphate Road

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Councilman Ron Brinson  -  July 16, 2017

The Crossings at Wescott is open ….and occupancy is increasing quickly. Reviews are strongly positive for the 184-unit senior living facility at Wescott traffic circle.  A ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony led by Mayor Summey will take place Thursday, July 20,  at 4 p.m. The public is invited. Check in at this link for details

Update on a popular project in District 4: the permits have been issued, site clearing and preparation are underway and if all goes well, Krispy Kreme should be up and running early in Palmetto Commerce Parkway and Ladson Road, adjacent to the BoJangles restaurant.


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Yep,  More Apartments !   As I have informed you over the last two years, that property on the north side Wescott Boulevard at Asycough will be an apartment complex. Wetlands regulations delayed the startup but those issues apparently have been resolved and a site plan has been approved.  Zoning had long ago been approved for this project (which is in Council District 9).  There’ll be 182 units in six buildings, a few detached garage buildings,  pool at  a clubhouse and a leasing office. 
And there’ll be lots of additional traffic. City engineers are working to improve the syncing of traffic lights, and police traffic planners are trying to speed up school year traffic at Joe Pye School. And the mayor, Councilman Kenny Skipper and I are encouraging the…
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Councilman Ron Brinson   –   March 7, 2017
Aquatics Center - Windsor Hill Boulevard Development-
Storm Water Drainage Initiatives  – Dorchester County Road Improvements ?
  Aquatics Center Update - Yes, that was site work surveying going on last week at the Aquatics Center development site, at Patriot Boulevard and Appian Way.  This project still has some documentation hoops to maneuver through, but our city and Dorchester District 2 Schools are committed to move it along.  Site planning is under way and our mayor has shown Council building design concepts.  It’ll be a $21 million facility with Olympic-sized features and programs aimed at swimming instruction and swim competitions. There will be ample general public access. A new ingress-egress
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Harris TEETER GAS STATION “Plan” – This proposal will be before City Council and a public hearing Thursday, February 9, 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, third floor at City Hall. HOA leaders are encouraged to spread the word and encourage residents to attend and participate.  Ample opportunity will be provided to all who want to speak.  

The Planning Commission last week voted unanimously to recommend the grocer’s “fuel island” plan be denied.  The arching concern is that such a facility would violate the Dorchester Overlay District planning standards and set a precedent that could lead to additional gas stations between Appian Way and Parlor. 

City Council has the final say and next Thursday’s meeting is the first of three during February that will complete

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When thinking of selling or your home you have some choices as to how you go about it. Being a Realtor, I understand the perspective from the real estate professional. Real estate agents are in the business of brokering sales of real property—that’s how they earn their living.  Competition is fierce, there are over 4,600 licensed agents in the Charleston real estate market and this number is growing as part-time agents continue to jump in trying to take advantage of a "hot" market.  All agents are in the game of convincing the public that they are the better choice when it comes to selling real estate properties.

However, truth in fact, the Realtor's job is actually between CONTRACT and CLOSING…this is when the proverbial rubber meets the road, so to

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Handling the real estate “Repairs”!   OK, so you’re a Buyer who has just had a home inspection done and the inspector comes back with a list of items on the inspection report that he deems deficiencies with the house.  What do you do from here?  Your agent should be able to advise you on what “repair” items are in fact true repairs and what are simply maintenance items or cosmetic issues…which every pre-owned home will have! 

There’s a couple of things to consider when deciding what to ask the Sellers to address/repair for you:

First of all, if you’ve already received a reduction in price from the list price and/or closing costs assistance from the Seller then, in this hot real estate market, tread lightly in what you ask for….that is if you

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The city’s curbside recycling pickup services will end August 1 for more than 7,000 North Charleston homes in Dorchester County.

This decision comes after nearly a year of efforts to integrate North Charleston’s curbside pickups with Dorchester County’s drop-off recycling locations.

Dorchester County, despite support by County Councilmen Larry Hargett and George Bailey, would not agree to the integration.

North Charleston-Dorchester residents can take recyclables to the county drop sites, the closest to District 4 located on Parlor Road, between Walmart and the Oakbrook schools campus. 
We realized and duly reported a year ago that many recyclables were being taken to landfills. This reality evolved after

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Councilman Ron Brinson – June 28, 2016

“Aquatics Center” - This exciting project took another major step forward when City Council and Dorchester District 2 School Board reached an agreement in principle to build and operate this $15 million facility. It’s a competitive and instructional swimming facility that will also be available for public uses. It’ll be built at the corner of Patriot Boulevard and Appian Way, in front of Fort Dorchester High School. The interagency agreement sets forth general provisions for facility uses and the emphasis on instructional swimming for students and competitive swim meets. The pool will meet Olympic – size specifications and will be readily divisible for multi-functional uses. The next steps will be site planning

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A Reminder…..
a community meeting 7 p.m. Tuesday evening, May 10
at the Wescott Park Community Center.

Briefings on several topics, including...... 

The next expansion of the McKewn Plantation development beside and behind the Joseph Pye Elementary School, under a planned development agreement dated in 2009.

Dorchester County’s one cent sales tax for road improvements funding.  This 10-year program is expiring and County Council must authorize a referendum for voters’ approval of an extension. County Councilman Larry Hargett will join us in a discussion of how this program works and some likely projects if the plan is renewed. We’ll also brief you on extension of Weber Boulevard from Palmetto Commerce Parkway to Patriot Boulevard, which will

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